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Kroměříž - a town of unique technical monuments

The ingenuity and craftsmanship of our ancestors was behind the creation of many impressive and unique technical devices. For years, the industrial heritage of the Kroměříž region was overshadowed by the area’s remarkable cultural heritage until interest in technical monuments finally began to grow.

Be sure not to miss the Foucault pendulum in the Flower Garden Rotunda. The 20.2 kg pendulum is suspended from a 22.35 m wire. The pendulum installed by gymnasium professor Francis Nábělek demonstrates the rotation of the planet Earth around its axis and is one of four pendulums of this kind in the world. In the fallout shelter below the Kroměříž Library you can try to put the filtering equipment into operation and recall the signals warning against an atomic attack. The shelter also has a generator to produce electricity, a well, a pump and water pit, treatment equipment for drinking water and air filtration. A railway exhibition in the locomotive depot at the train station has many interesting hands-on displays. For example, visitors can see what it is like to be a railwayman or signalman, to build a track for your own train and sell your own train ticket. Also on display in the Kroměříž Museum is the Linduška clock. The glass box around two-metres high contains many mysteries that even experts are at a loss to explain. Interesting at first glance are the various dials, clock hands and indicators. One of the greatest mysteries of the clock is a calendar with a thirteenth month named ‘Marsinec’. The lone surviving mint in Moravia houses the most important collection of church coins in the world after the Vatican City. Some of the machines were powered by water from a neighbouring mill, thus ensuring highly effective striking. Bishop coins were minted here until 1759. Become a minter for a moment and strike your own coin. For more information, contact the Tourist Information Centre. If you’re a romantic at heart, take your loved one to see the night sky at the local observatory. The observatory specialises in the research of meteorite showers, but it is also possible to observe the photosphere of the Sun and other bodies of the solar system. One of the outer asteroids in the main belt is named Kroměříž. This asteroid was discovered in 1998 by husband and wife Jana and Miloš Tichý, who named it after the town they had visited beforehand. You can also visit the windmill in Velké Těšany, which has been designated a cultural landmark. The mill is a testament to the defunct manufacturing techniques and skills of folk craftsmen. You can visit vernacular houses and the mill in Rymice to learn about traditional rural villages from the past two centuries. Tour the interiors of houses with traditionally furnished kitchens, rooms and farming spaces; visit the local blacksmith shop with a forge and bellows and the renovated windmill. And if you’re intrigued by technology, be sure to visit the Museum of Historical Farming Technology in Pravčice. Also on display are tools, machines and devices used by farmers throughout the year. You can also see carriages, buggies and tractors used in the past.

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