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Kroměříž in 2018 – for everybody at any age.

“Once a man, twice a child” says a well-known saying. Children know indeed how to let their imagination run riot. And which adult doesn’t like to be reminded of his childhood memories? If you add to all this a little mystery of Kroměříž’s historical and unique surroundings, you will for sure discover a whole new dimension which makes you pack up your things and set off  towards Kroměříž and towards new adventures.

What is waiting for you in Kroměříž this summer? Among other, the very original Living statues festival with participants from all over the world; dragon boat course; a season-long family-friendly game or a toy exhibition at the Kroměříž Museum. You are welcome to visit the relaxation zone at the town square Velké náměstí, where a rich program will be prepared for the whole family. Your favorite colourful race the Color Run will return to Kroměříž this season once again, as will the 3D street art, thanks to a great response from last year. Besides all this, definitely pay a visit to the children’s entertainment and play centre Dětský svět located at the exhibition ground Floria and opened all year round. This summer, Kroměříž will be also hosting the finals of a youth singing competition Dětská Porta. During your stay, don’t forget to try the Town treasure hunt of bishop Bruno von Schauenburg. An exciting treasure-hunting game which allows you to get to know the town properly and which pays you off with an original and beautiful souvenir. If you prefer guided tours, the members of the local historical fencing group in period costumes will be delighted to take you for one. On top of all that, come and visit us on the Children’s day or during the Family Week. As you can see, Kroměříž is ready to please all the visitors, not only the youngest ones.

In case you are interested in history, and especially in the centenary celebration of the creation of Czechoslovakia, Kroměříž is ready to answer all your questions and fill you up with knowledge. Nowhere else will you find out more about the Imperial Diet, assembled between the years 1848 and 1849, than in its actual venue: Kroměříž.

So come and see for yourself that Kroměříž is a town with an old soul but with a young and fresh spirit.










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