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Recall the past with us...

Cuisine in Kroměříž

In addition to history, great food, local beer and archbishop’s wine.

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A broad range of sports activities.

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Relaxation in Kroměříž

Home | » In your free time | » Relaxation in Kroměříž

Relaxation in Kroměříž

When looking for a quiet oasis for relaxation and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Kroměříž is the right choice. The shady arcades, picturesque streets and stylish restaurants and cafés in the town centre, as well as the ubiquitous parks and children’s playgrounds, are made for relaxation. There are several educational trails leading from Kroměříž, and you can also find peace and tranquillity at the Floria Exhibition Ground. In addition to the popular horticultural exhibitions, the complex offers six exotic ornamental gardens, where visitors can draw inspiration and admire the floral areas, waterfalls and rare trees.




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