Adventure in Kroměříž

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Cuisine in Kroměříž

In addition to history, great food, local beer and archbishop’s wine.

Sports in Kroměříž

A broad range of sports activities.

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Sports in Kroměříž

Home | » In your free time | » Sports in Kroměříž

Sports in Kroměříž

Today, Kroměříž offers not only monuments, architecture and art collections, but also excellent conditions for active tourism and sports. The Hana plain is a paradise for hikers, cyclists and in-line skaters. Moravian Bike Trail No. 47, which connects Kroměříž and Olomouc, to the north, leads through the town. Towards the south, the bike trail leads through undemanding and safe terrain along the River Morava and the Baťa Canal to Hodonín. Among the local attractions are the nearby Chřiby and Hostýn Hills, with their dense network of marked hiking and bike trails. Trips around the town can be complemented with swimming, tennis, volleyball and other sports activities.



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