Adventure in Kroměříž

Recall the past with us...

Cuisine in Kroměříž

In addition to history, great food, local beer and archbishop’s wine.

Sports in Kroměříž

A broad range of sports activities.

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Adventure in Kroměříž

Home | » In your free time | » Adventure in Kroměříž

Adventure in Kroměříž

Plan a trip to Kroměříž with your children and recall times long past. A unique town tour with guides in period costumes provided by the local historical fencing group called the Bishop’s Men will show you things that are not found in the regular promotional materials, and you will witness scenes from the town’s history. Another experience that is not only for children is a summer game entitled the Treasure Hunt of Bishop Bruno. You can learn the history of coin minting in Kroměříž in an attractive form, become a coiner for a while and mint your own coin using the original technology.


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