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Experience the town’s rich history associated with bishops, archbishops and the inhabitants.

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Max Švabinský Memorial

One of the most famous native sons of Kroměříž

Karel Kryl Exhibit

The famous Kroměříž native

Home | » About the town | » Karel Kryl Exhibit

Karel Kryl Exhibit

Home | » About the town | » Karel Kryl Exhibit

Karel Kryl Exhibit

Karel Kryl, the famous Kroměříž native, was the inspiration for a new experiential exhibit highlighting the singer’s distinctive and inimitable work full of joy, wit and poetry, but also layers of defiance, sadness, sarcasm and, later, disenchantment with political developments in the Czech Republic. The diverse work of the guitar-strumming bard is full of emotion, a quality reflected in the Kroměříž exhibit. Visitors will find neither display cases filled with museum artefacts or Kryl’s personal items. Instead, the exhibit draws you straight into the singer’s thoughts with the aim of evoking feelings, experiences and emotions.


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